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What We Do at SBP

Happy_BuilderCalling all servicemen and tradespeople who are yet to make the shift to sustainable building!

Congratulations: you’ve just hit the jackpot.

If you’re curious about the world of sustainable building and how they can help you grow and develop your business, or perhaps you’re looking to make less of an impact on the environment with your building work – then the Sustainable Building Portal is the place for you.

clueless builderUs tradesman aren’t always known as the most progressive bunch. We’re drawing in broad-strokes here:  but at least every sparky or bricklayer knows an old boy who refuses to change with the times. Sometimes it can be hard to change. We all remember our college and work experience days well; our training and techniques are something we take pride in, as a result it can be difficult to try out new methods. The last thing we want to do when starting a new job, is to experiment with a new method and risk wasting time or even making an irrevocable mistake that could cost us the customer’s satisfaction.

However, in today’s ever-changing marketplace where innovation and environmental awareness is key; if you don’t get with the times you may well find that you’re left in the dust by your competitors. Before you start losing out to your local rivals – just take a look at the ever growing collection of blogs and personal thought-pieces that are written by our regular contributors.

Tyoung dudehe way SBP differs from other Eco-Friendly blog sites is that all the writers for our site are far from fully experienced in sustainable building. Before you click away and look for some more knowledgeable sources: STOP. Why would you want information, written in what may as well be a foreign language, from Eco-Warriors who’ve been ahead of the curve for decades.

All our writers have been kind enough to contribute their thoughts on Sustainable Building whilst they’re in the early adoption stages. They’ll walk you through the problems they’re facing as they attempt to grapple with new techniques and openly vent the frustrations that they’ll find, whilst changing their outlook on the environment.

Do yourself and your business a favour, and bookmark SBP today. It’s never too late to learn about Sustainable Building methods, and you won’t find resources more frank and down to earth than these.