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Meet the Writers

Jeff Howser

brickieA brick layer of over fifteen years, Jeff thought he knew everything about building houses and walls. However, ten years into running his own business, he saw that the amount of enquiries he was seeing were beginning to drop off. Worried that his methods were being perceived as outdated, Jeff began to conduct research into environmentally friendly materials and techniques.

After five years of attempting to build sustainably, Jeff is still struggling to find the greenest way of sorting foundations – but he approaches every new build as a learning experience and is more than happy to share his progress with the SBP.

Clive Bateshead

handy manClive used to actively rail against those that employed environmentally friendly methods. An old school handy man from the heyday of the 70s cowboy scene, when a new millennium dawned he found himself outdated and unneeded.

Having to change his entire operation, from the purchase of materials to power consumption, Clive has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Last year he recycled for the first time and he’s considering buying an electric van to replace his ancient Transit!

Harold Recordsby

plumberPlumbers are often stereotyped for their lude behaviour and crass language: however Harold is a workman that bucks that trend. Privately schooled in the 80s and passing his exams in the early 90s, Harold’s blue blood did not hold him back from pursuing a career in plumbing.

Despite a fine education and upper-middleclass upbringing, he remained blissfully unaware of environmentally friendly practices until the mid-noughties. After attending a few self-help courses, Harold felt well versed enough to start putting his newfound theories into practice and thought he may as well start helping out his fellow plumbers!