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Returning To Work

Holidays are great aren’t they?

They offer all of us a much needed respite from the weekly grind and give us a chance to mentally reset so we can return to work with a real zip in our steps.

Despite that great feeling you get when you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere in the sun, there’s always that nagging feeling of dread that soon your time will be up and you’ll have to return to work again. Perhaps its just a trait of the Englishman: to not be able to fully enjoy their time off, because of the knowledge of the future bearing down upon them.

After recently spending two weeks in the States with my family, I’ve been suffering from a serious case of the post-holiday blues. Rather unfairly, this feeling of depression began before my holiday was even over. I felt it creeping up into me on the day before we were due to fly out. My wife and I had just sent the kids off for an action-packed day of activities, giving us the chance to relax for one more blissful day – sipping cocktails on sun loungers surrounded by utter peace and quiet – but there was a part of me that just couldn’t properly be at ease.

In the back of my head there was a sound that I couldn’t shake. A dull monotonous beeping, starting quietly, it builds and builds – until I could think of nothing else.

For a tradesman such as myself, the notion of getting up in the morning can be enough to truly frighten me senseless. The time varies from day-to-day but it will inevitably be in the early hours of the morning, eliciting a stifled groan from me as my eyes struggle to open themselves and I attempt to slide out of bed without waking my wife up. Creeping through the house, like a teenager past his curfew, I make my way downstairs to munch morosely on a bowl of Weetabix before getting dressed and leaving the house.

Try as I might, I couldn’t doze off on those sun loungers on the final day of my holiday. Every time I started to drift off, the beeping would start to echo in the back of my mind until I’d wake with a start and scare the heck out of my wife.

Needless to say, when we eventually touched down back in the UK, the post-holiday blues were well and truly with me.

It’s something that I’ve often seen in men who work in my crews. Just a few days off outside of the weekend can be enough to do it. Sometimes I’ve wondered whether going on holiday is even worth it in the first place, if it means that workers are going to be less motivated upon their return.

For the first few days I really struggled to get myself back in the spirit of things. I tried changing up my morning routine, I tried going to bed earlier, but nothing helped.

When the weekend finally arrived, I felt more exhausted than I had done before I went on holiday in the first place.

Luckily my family rallied around me and before I knew it, I was dozing peacefully on the sofa, with the buzzing alarm clock a long distant memory.