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5 Quick Ways To Garden Sustainably

[I’m super busy with many contracts this week, so I hope you folks don’t mind if I keep this one brief – BuzzFeed style! – Batesy]

My customers are always asking me about sustainable methods of gardening. They assume that just because I plumb sustainably, that I live my whole life sustainably.

Well…they’re right.

Once you start on the road to living green, it becomes a snowball effect of picking up more and more environmentally friendly habits.

Here are 5 Quick Ways to make your gardening habits more sustainable:

Grow Organic Foods

If you’re already growing your own fruit and veg, you may as well go the whole hog and go totally organic. Soil, seeds and even tools can be sustainably sourced – so there’s really no veg

Ditch The Concrete

Don’t let your gardening practices slip back into the realm of the 70s! Concrete is so last century, and has a carbon footprint bigger than you’d expect. Use wood-chips or locally sources shingle instead and save on hassle.


Up-cycle Your Furniture

Yes, I know plastics are easier to store, clean and move – but they’re also ugly and not good for the planet. Pick up some odds and ends from your local recycling plant and make something unique, beautiful and green instead!

baths outside

Turn Slabs Into Steps

If you really can’t live without some solid concrete under feet, I get it. Luckily there’s always people getting rid of them, with a bit of elbow grease you can clean and cut these specimens to create your own unique stepping stones.

recycle concrete slab

Save Your Waste

This may seem like an obvious shout to those of you who already do it, but for some its not. Any waste food you have will do wonders for your plant life – tip it in a compost heap or worm farm and just watch your scraps reap dividends.